Excursions in Val di Sole

During the summer the Alpine scenery offers walking and hiking in Trentino, which allow you to admire the natural beauty of the Brenta, offering trails for lovers of hiking and trekking in Trentino. Here the landscape with lakes and trees dominate the area with walks in the Val di Sole through the woods which culminate with panoramic views of lakes set among the mountains which kidnap the mind of the curious visitor. You can choose among a variety of paths, you will enjoy trekking in Trentino, depending on whether you prefer just a stroll around, or discover the most intimate atmosphere of the Alps. The famous Alpine huts of Trentino welcome hikers at the foot of the mountain peaks, while the lifts in Val di Sole allow excursion-lovers to cross easily the most challenging of distances.

The cycling track in Val di Sole

The cycling track in Val di Sole follows the path of the Noce River, an important affluent of the Adige River, along a distance of 34,10 km. The route covers an altitude that goes from 595 meters at Mostizzolo to 1160 meters of Cogolo in Val di Pejo, the northern portion of the Val di Sole where the path becomes more difficult with the presence of very steep sections. The route starts near the bridge Mostizzolo (Km 0.00), where the river Noce runs through a narrow gorge and then into the lake of Santa Giustina, a large river basin closed by a high dam. In the distance between Mostizzolo-Mezzana you can use the Dolomiti Express to transport your bike and for the upper valley there is the confortable bikebus.

Adamello Brenta Nature Park

The Adamello Brenta Natural Park is the biggest protected area in Trentino region, located in western Trentino, with its 620,51 kmq includes the mountain ranges of Adamello and Brenta, separated by the Val Rendena and between the Val di Non, Val di Sole and Val Giudicarie. It is well known for the presence of 48 lakes and by the Adamello glacier, one of the largest of Europe. The environment of the park is typical of the south-central alpine area, mainly characterized by coniferous forests covering the slopes of the mountains up to 1800m above sea level. Above this altitude the forests, which occupy a third of the park, give way to alpine meadows and rocky vegetation that go far beyond 2500m. The Park is extremely complex and diversified: forests of firs, beech and larch trees, fields filled with flowers, meadows, pastures, streams, bogs and inaccessible cliffs. At high altitudes the landscapes are spectacular and unique, dominated by the striking geological and geomorphological diversity of the two mountain ranges.The mountains are still home to brown bears, so it is not surprising that the wildlife is terrific: chamois, deers, eagles. And then ibex, foxes, badgers, martens, sharp-tailed grouse, marmots, with partridges and many other animals, large and small. From the sunny southern slopes of the mountains of the park to the peaks lashed from the icy glaciers, the carefull visitor won’t miss the variety of plant environments: endless forests of plants that defy the harshness of the high ridges. The flora of the park has about 1,500 species. You can visit the Adamello Brenta by entering in the picturesque valley Meledrio, a short walk from our hotel.

Stelvio National Park

The Stelvio National Park was established in 1935 to ‘protect and enhance the flora, enhance the fauna and preserve the special geological formations and the beauty of the landscape’ of the Ortler Alps mountain range, and also to ‘promote the development of tourism’ in some of the most beautiful valleys in the Alps. Currently, after an expansion of area decided in 1977, it covers a very large area, spread over 24 municipalities in 4 provinces of Bolzano, Brescia, Sondrio and Trento. The park borders to the north with Switzerland and is in direct contact for a few kilometers to the valley of Livigno, with the Swiss National Park; to the south is in contact, in Passo Tonale, with the Natural Park of Adamello – Presanella and through this, with Lombardo Adamello Regional Park. So the Stelvio National Park, which already is the largest in the Alps for extension, is the heart of a much larger protected area, which extends for a total of almost 400,000 hectares. For the presence of the park on these lands for many years, you can now easily find along the paths deers, squirrels, marmots and with more attention, even some herds of deer. The Stelvio National Park is accessible from our hotel through the Val di Peio (22 km) or the Val di Rabbi (15 km).

Water activities

Extreme sport is a fun activity for both children and adults. You can discover rafting, kayaking, hydrospeed, and canyoning in Val di Sole, Trentino, along the 28 km of the navigable river Noce you can choose between the adrenaline of the rapids, or the equally intense enjoyment of the less impetuous hiking trails for a great nature holiday in Trentino. All, accompanied by the experience of the helpful rafting guides. At the Rafting Center Trentino Wild in Dimaro there are many water and mountain sports activities, visit the website to discover them all!

Explore the unique skiarea with 150km of interonnected ski slopes

Enjoy the largest ski area the Trentino regionÕs beautiful Brenta Dolomite Mountains which is a,Unesco World Natural Heritage site. Not just a ski destination but a dream ski destination and a genuine paradise for skiers, snowboarders, and freestylers. In addition to the local Folgarida Marilleva ski pass, providing 60km of ski slopes and the Superskirama ski pass allowing access to 8 different ski locations, the Funivie Folgarida Marilleva now offers the new SkiArea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta Ski Pass offering 150km of interconnected ski slopes, amazingly uniting the Val di Sole with the Val Rendena creating a new and extraordinary slope alliance.The Albergo Dimaro is only 5 minutes away from the Daolasa ski lift and is equipped with a ski bus service for reaching the slopes in absolute convenience. You can also reach the Tonale Pass and Pejo ski areas using the local area Free SkiBus.

Cross Country Skiing

Long areas of crisp snow and fresh air, and the magical silence of the Brenta Dolomites, these are the keywords for those who practice cross-country skiing in Val di Sole. With its 70 km of prepared trails, Val di Sole can meet both the needs of beginner skiers with easier slopes and of more experienced skiers with paths that wind through the woods of Velon and Stavel (Vermiglio), Val di Rabbi in Stelvio National Park and Campo Carlo Magno all offering stunning views of the Brenta Dolomites.

Snowshoeing "Ciaspole" and Ski Touring

The Val di Sole is an ideal place to explore the winter landscape with the help of snowshoes. Discover new paths to the wonderful world winter, snowshoeing in lovely trails enjoy the silence of nature.

Ossana more than 100 nativity scenes throughout the entire town

The small town of Ossana is waiting for you from November 27th to January 8th 2017 to discover the hidden corners of this town as you discover more than 100 nativity scenes! And that ’s not all… visit the Christmas Market where you can purchase local products and handicrafts that will be on display at wooden stands in the town centre. You can also enjoy a cup of piping hot mulled wine and delicious Christmas sweets!

Christmas Market of Trento

Each year in Trento during the month of December there is the fabulous Christmas Market which is an unmissible event. The Christmas Market is not only enjoyed by the locals, but equally by the tourists that came from all over Europe and Italy to visit this characteristic event in the heart of the Dolomites. The Market has its roots from the the Medieval German and Austrian holiday markets. Usually this event begins at the end of November and runs through the epiphany on January 6th of each year.